Demo Slam

At the end of Tuesday, we invite and encourage our guests to showcase a tip or trick that others will be able to use in 2 minutes or less. Slams can be pre-planned and expected to have been rehearsed/prepared. They should be quick, simple and engaging. Look for something that can more generically be used. It can be geeky or just plain useful. Examples:
  • Useful Chrome Extension 
  • Useful 'Lab' or Add On 
  • Unique uses for apps like Draw or Sheet

Slam Schedule for Tuesday

Ben RouseQuick GIFs
Barb KelleherSecretary Training Survey        
 Eric Lawson     Public Drop Box in Drive
 Anita Moose Preview and comment on Classroom Assignments
 Thomas Rup Cast        
 Seung Lee     Automated Texting Systems AKA Chat with TXTCAT

YouTube Video

Here are some examples of Cool Demo Slams :)